Why You Need a Portable Toilet at Construction Sites

This video represents the different types of portable toilets available for rental. A porta potty rental in Huntsville, AL is a great solution for any construction business. A construction site is one of the businesses that benefit from using these facilities.

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Portable toilets help to promote productivity, increase revenue and ensure the construction site manager complies with international health and safety standards. Placing a portable toilet on a construction site makes business sense and shows employees that you care about their basic needs.

Benefits of Portable Toilets

It may be hard to imagine that a portable toilet on a construction site might increase revenue or promote productivity, but it does. Let me explain. When the construction crew needs to use the restroom, and there are no facilities on-site, they’ll travel to the nearest facility. The commute translates into lost labor time. The longer a project takes to complete, the most costly it becomes for the construction manager as it eats away at profits.

On-site facilities are convenient for crew members. The team is more productive as they don’t need to leave the site, and the job is completed on time or earlier. This means the crew spends most of their time productive and focused on completing the project.

Additionally, health and safety standards require a unit on-site for up to 20 contractors and more units as the number of contractors increases. Finally, crew members will know that their employer values and respects them by providing for their basic needs while on site.


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