X Services Your HVAC Contractor Should Do Yearly

In this video, HVAC contractor Ray Pearson is performing preventative maintenance on a residential customer’s AC system. Ray starts by checking the electronics. He does so to ensure the unit is free from spider webs, chipmunk mice, or damaged wiring.

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After that, he checks the contactor, capacitor, and refrigerant gauge.

After inspecting the filter, furnace, and coils, he finds that the coil is dirty and needs cleaning. The door switch also needs replacement due to signs of stripping. Finally, Ray replaces the filter and checks the pressure. He concludes that the system is running properly and needs a bit of cleaning.

In another part of the video, the technician took care of a potential water leak hazard by tightening up some loose screws on the door and safety switches. He also wrapped up the suction line to keep it insulated. The condenser unit also needs thorough cleaning as part of regular AC maintenance. It’s a good idea to get this cleaning done annually to keep the AC system in tip-top shape.

And don’t forget about your furnace. It’s important to get it checked once a year to make sure it’s heating your home efficiently and safely. Overall, the technician did a great job of keeping this HVAC system in good working order. Once you’ve got all that squared away, set up your gauges and turn on the AC unit.

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