How to Troubleshoot a Commercial HVAC Unit

Technicians for commercial air conditioning service providers do not know what they will encounter when they arrive on a service call, though most times, the call turns out to be routine. Training, on-the-job experience, and good sense help technicians diagnose problems with commercial HVAC units and determine the best path to getting the unit back in working order for the customer. Sometimes, the technician provides a short-term fix and advises the customer to make longer-term repairs.

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For example, a commercial air conditioning service could arrive at a customer’s location who complains that their unit is not cooling the building, so the technician needs to diagnose the problem. After confirming that the issue is not due to a blown fuse, the next step is to check for an error code. This might indicate there is a problem with the blower motor or its belt.

The issue could be a stuck belt. However, the belt problem might have caused the motor to become overheated and damaged, even if it remains operational. The motor will likely fail soon, so the technician replaces the belt and recommends that the customer replace the motor. However, it is the customer’s motor and money, so it is up to the customer to accept the technician’s recommendation. Ideally, the customer will have the proper repair done.


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